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Today's catch: MTV celebrates its third decade, Kitler finds a home and slightly disturbing "Game of Thrones" craft

By Drew Grant

Published August 1, 2011 10:45PM (EDT)

Happy 30th, MTV!
Happy 30th, MTV!

1. Tumblr for people who spend too much time watching commercials: Who Is That Hot Ad Girl tracks down and identifies the struggling actresses in your favorite commercials. So much better for you to stalk them with, right? (By the way, the woman who plays the Toyata Venza hipster is Allyn Rachel.)

2. Uplifting kitty Hitler news of the day: Despite looking like one of history's most ruthless dictators reincarnated as a cat, Kitler has found a home. I just hope this shelter did a background check on the new owners.

3. Anniversary of the day: MTV turns 30 today, which is probably best not to think about. Don't think about where you were when MTV first aired, or how exciting it felt to be watching your favorite bands play rock 'n' roll on TV. Thirty years isn't so long, right? Instead, how about you just check out these 30 delightful sci-fi music videos to commemorate the occasion?

4. Milk slogan of the day: "It does your body good ... especially when you wear it." Yes, this is a dress made out of the creamy stuff by German fashion designer Anke Domaske, which has to stay far away from Lady Gaga's meat dress to remain kosher.

You should probably keep it away from the Steve Buscemi dress, too. Just to be on the safe side.

5. Etsy marketing of the day: Check out its "Game of Thrones" section; you won't be disappointed. Who wants a "severed horse head" catnip toy? Or this very realistic Peter Dinklage portrait? Or this not-so-realistic stuffed doll of Viserys Targaryen? (I've already bought the horse head, so you're too late.)

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