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Watch: Brazil's terrifying ponies want to sell you a car, Matt Damon schools a cameraman about the value of teacher

By Drew Grant

Published August 2, 2011 7:59PM (EDT)

This pony will sell you a Nissan with zero percent APR and no money down!
This pony will sell you a Nissan with zero percent APR and no money down!

1. Russia's rules on dolphin frolicking are really strict: I can't help but feel like this whole brawl at post-Soviet SeaWorld could have been avoided if they hadn't skimped on the wall partitions between the audience and the animals.

2. Matt Damon stands up for teachers, not cameramen: During this weekend's Million Teacher March in D.C. the actor and guest speaker bristles at a cameraman's suggestion that maybe some educators are just bad at their job.

Dude should have done his homework: Damon's mother (to his left) is a teacher herself.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio's foreign cell-phone commercials only slightly less confusing than "Inception": How is this not just a trailer for a new Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

What? Go buy these Chinese cell phones, or Leonardo DiCaprio will never find out what is going on.

4. Pixar's best: This compilation of scenes from the animation studio is incredible looking, but it also seems kind of easy. Every shot from Pixar is like a work of art: all this guy needed to do was put music behind it.

5. Damned Ponies!: Brazil has a much more interesting way to sell Nissans than we do. I won't spoil it, but I'm pretty sure the process involves large quantities of LSD being distributed around the ad agency's boardroom.

I would like to meet the Brazilian Don Draper that came up with these spots.

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