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On vacation, but with an excellent roster of guest bloggers to post here

By Glenn Greenwald

Published August 5, 2011 10:06PM (EDT)

I'm going to be on vacation from Salon beginning tomorrow until next Monday, August 15.  I've arranged for three excellent guest-bloggers, each of whom, beginning this Monday, will more or less post something here every day:  

(1) Yves Smith, the former Goldman Sachs and McKinsey official who is now the author of the Naked Capitalism blog and of the book "ECONned" -- which documented the pervasive Wall Street crimes spawning the 2008 financial crisis -- and is one of the nation's best analysts of the political conflicts over finance and economics;

(2) Murtaza "Maz" Hussain, a Pakistani student currently based in Toronto who works with immigrant and refugee youth and who writes very trenchantly about Muslim and foreign policy issues on his blog "Revolution by the Book" and on Twitter; and,

(3) Mark Adomanis, a young writer recently of Oxford and Harvard, who currently blogs at Forbes with a focus on Russia, but whose prior writing covered an eclectic array of political and media issues in a very insightful, acerbic and entertaining manner.

I chose them because they are three of my favorite political commentators and merit a lot more exposure.  They will undoubtedly provide ample excellent content in my absence.  Until Monday, feel free to use the comment section here for all reasonable purposes.

Glenn Greenwald

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