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Watch: Rapper edition with Tommy Hilfiger's son, a 55-year-old casino owner, and a lady named KreayShawn

Published August 10, 2011 5:11PM (EDT)

Rich Hil, son of Tommy Hilfiger and rapper of "Cookies and Apple Juice."
Rich Hil, son of Tommy Hilfiger and rapper of "Cookies and Apple Juice."

1. The best rapper, ever:

Lil' Kim, watch your back. KreayShawn is on Cosmic Kev, busting rhymes like, "You play the odds, I find it odd that your Twitter page is private/You've got to phones, one of them stays silent."


2. Wait, actually, this is your new favorite rapper:

Rich Hil, son of Tommy Hilfiger, whom the Observer deemed worthy of a 1,000+ word piece yesterday . This is his single, "Cookies and Apple Juice." It's actually not half bad. (Chet Haze must be fuming.)

3. Sorry, sorry, A. Samuels is the best rapper of all time. (Last one, I promise):

The Internet has started calling this casino exec "the 55-year-old rapper version of Rebecca Black," though he may just be a very clever viral comedian.  Here's his single, "Livin De Life."


4. The difference between nerds and religious people:

As it turns out, there is none. Especially if you consider George R.R. Martin your god.

5. Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader's alien musical:

Honestly, this DVD extra is probably the best thing to come out of the movie "Paul." Plus, Joe Lo Truglio!

"This is terrible!" laughs Kristen Wiig at one point, which can be taken either as a statement for their impromptu curtain call, or for the entirety of Simon Pegg's CGI alien film.

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