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Watch: James Spader's first promo for "The Office," a "Star Wars" porn parody that's funny, and Lopez's monologue

By Drew Grant

Published August 11, 2011 6:01PM (EDT)

A porn parody that's more parody than porn?
A porn parody that's more parody than porn?

1. Paul Rudd is your bad marketing idea man:

Even though "My Idiot Brother" looks kind of terrible, I will watch Paul Rudd do basically anything.

Sorry America, the Rudd backlash hasn't begun in my heart quite yet.

2. Chris Crocker needs your money for a documentary:

Come on, you guys remember Chris Crocker right?  He's the "Leave Britney alone!" guy.  Anyway, here's his Kickstarter project for a feature film.

Dig deep into your wallets, folks! This man's story needs to be told!

3. George Lopez "jokes" about being canceled (clip starts at 1:30 mark):

Ha ... ha? Racism!

Actually, I'm starting to realize why his show got canned. But I'll watch his final show tonight out of respect, anyway.

4. James Spader will rule "The Office":

And he'll be the new star of the show, as this promo suggests

Unfortunately, the clip actually tells us nothing about the character we haven't already seen, but hey, I could watch it 100 times and it will still be better than half of last season.

5. Safe-for-work "Star Wars" porn parody:

This looks amazing. Why is it funny? I thought "parody" was just another word for "We're making this beloved show or movie into a porno."

How they ever found a kid who looks that much like Mark Hamill is beyond me. Two tickets, please!

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