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Watch: Seven minutes in heaven with Hoda, the true meaning of crossword puzzles, and a dog walking itself

Published August 18, 2011 9:19PM (EDT)

Hoda spends seven minutes in heaven with SNL's Mike O'Brien.
Hoda spends seven minutes in heaven with SNL's Mike O'Brien.

1. Dog walks itself:

I think there's a lot to be said for this video, and I might not be the person to say it. It's so simple, yet so profoundly sad. Why is this dog walking itself, you may ask. Where did its master go? Where is the dog planning to go next? And is it just a sad statement on our society that some kids taping this poor ole' guy on the boardwalk think it's "awesome" that this dog is forlornly carrying its own leash in its mouth?


2. Anderson Cooper loves that Gerard Depardieu urination story:

Look, we all think it's hysterical that French actor Gerard Depardieu loves to pee on people on airplanes. But Anderson Cooper really just can't hold it together on live TV when talking about the incident.  Maybe he needs to go back to journalism school.

(Just kidding, only a robot wouldn't laugh at this story.)

3. The history of the vibrator, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal:

I've always been fascinated that vibrators were created by doctors to cure women of erratic behavior because doctors' hands were getting too tired. Of course, putting attractive people in the cast of this new film about the subject (aptly titled "Hysteria") is kind of a stretch: Even in olden times it was a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Hugh Dancy in possession of a good vibrator must service half the women in England.


4. A four letter word for "innuendo during crosswords":

As it turns out, whenever people ask for help in crossword puzzles in TV or movies, what they are really asking is for social acceptance ... and love.


5. "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Hoda:

If you haven't been checking out Mike O'Brien's "7 Minutes in Heaven" series, they are pretty genius. It's not "Between Two Ferns" or anything, and Mike here seems way more like Kenneth from "30 Rock" than a mean-spirited interviewer trying to "punk" celebrities, but he's very good at being funny anyway! I think it's his natural instinct to let these performers do whatever the hell they want during the segment, which in Hoda Kotb's case is definitely drinking red wine and talking crap about Kathie Lee.

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