Right wonders, "Is Warren Buffett a class warrior?"

Jon Stewart dissects the dicey logic on display at Fox networks following the billionaire's call for higher taxes

By Peter Finocchiaro

Published August 19, 2011 12:20PM (EDT)

The folks over at Fox News and Fox Business were predictably incensed with Warren Buffett this week. America's second-richest man suggested on Monday, by way of a New York Times op-ed, that billionaires need to be taxed more in order to make a meaningful dent in the country's long-term debt problem. In response, the Hannitys, Cavutos and Ingrahams of the cable universe wondered what on earth had gotten into the Oracle's billion-dollar brain. At least one even wondered aloud, "Is Warren Buffett a socialist?" 

Jon Stewart volleyed back on "The Daily Show" last night, suggesting: "You really have no clue what socialism is, do you?"



Peter Finocchiaro

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