"The Daily Show" commemorates 9/13/01

"Remembering the day we forgot the lessons of the day we swore we had sworn we would always remember"

Peter Finocchiaro
September 13, 2011 4:14PM (UTC)

Ten years ago, a tragedy brought us all closer together. Last night, Jon Stewart recalled another moment, just two days after, when all the solidarity engendered through a national trauma began to dissipate into the political ether. Opportunists -- first Jerry Falwell, then Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, all the "Ground Zero Mosque" people (not to say anything of the folks in power) -- began using the memory of that historical moment for their own personal advantage. "The Daily Show" paid tribute:

09/13/01: Remembering the Day We Forgot the Lessons of the Day We Had Sworn We Would Always Remember

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