James O'Keefe's boring Occupy Wall Street exposé

The conservative prankster's latest effort is something less than incendiary

By Peter Finocchiaro
October 13, 2011 12:00AM (UTC)
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Puckish conservative prankster James O'Keefe may have ditched his pimp outfit for a suit and tie, but he's still out there, searching for the truth. We wrote on Monday how the (ethically challengeddocumentarian -- who in the past has shaken up NPR's leadership and brought ACORN to its knees -- was conspicuously lurking around Zuccotti Park, and seemed to be working on a video about Occupy Wall Street. Well, that video has finally surfaced, and, boy ... it's actually pretty boring!

Viewers of the clip will see Mr. O'Keefe -- feigning the appearance of a Wall Street banker -- as he tries to converse with the hoi polloi. One protester rambles on about a "Constitutional World Federation." Another chats about Amalgamated Bank. And a third gave O'Keefe a piece of cake! What will those dastardly liberals think of next?


Peter Finocchiaro

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