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Published October 26, 2011 5:18PM (EDT)

(updated below [Thurs.] - Update II [Fri.])

Posting over the next day or so will be difficult due to events relating to my new book (which I wrote about yesterday here and is available from Amazon, Powell's, Barnes & Noble (due to a bureaucratic glitch at the publisher, the Kindle edition/ebook version was not available upon the book release but will be available next week)). For now, here are several items relating to the book worth noting:

(1) For those in Washington, D.C., I will be speaking tomorrow evening (Thursday) at 8:00 p.m., at the George Washington University School of Law, Marvin Center, Room 309, for an event co-hosted by the ACLU and the GWU Law School National Lawyer's Guild. It will feature the ACLU's Ben Wizner, and include a substantial Q-and-A session and book signing after. The event is free and open to the public (no tickets required).

(2) I was on NPR's On Point program today for the full hour discussing the book with Tom Ashbrook. He had clearly read the book and it was truly one of the most informed and substantive interviews I've ever done in a venue like that. The questions and comments from the callers were also authentically enlightening. Those interested can listen to that here.

(3) I was on Democracy Now this morning discussing the book and other topics as well. That discussion was as substantive as always for that show. The segments can be viewed here:


(4) The segment I did on The Rachel Maddow Show  last night is here:


(5) The updated event schedule is here; I'm excited about many of those events, but none more so than the opportunity to speak at Occupy Boston (on October 29), Occupy New York (on November 8th) and Occupy Washington, D.C. (on November 5th or 6th); it is also possible that I will speak at Occupy Oakland or San Francisco during the week of November 1. This protest movement is easily one of the most inspiring and important political developments of the last several years (here is an update from Jesse LaGreca, who knows economic suffering first-hand and has become one of the most eloquent and impassioned spokespeople for the protests).


UPDATE [Thurs.]: I recorded a 30-minute podcast yesterday with Dylan Ratigan to discuss the book, and that can be heard here; I will also be on Ratigan's MSNBC show today some time during the 4:00 pm hour.

Meanwhile, Chris Hayes has been reading the book in preparation for talking to me about it on his new MSNBC show this Sunday morning and wrote this today:

The segment for Hayes' show will involve my debating a well-known establishment media figure who represents the establishment media defense of elite immunity (I'll wait for Hayes' show to announce the specific guest). That should be a substantive and healthily contentious discussion.


UPDATE II [Fri.]: Tonight (Friday), at 5:30 p.m., I'll be speaking at a public (free) event at Harvard Law School, sponsored by the school's South Asian Law Students' Association, on the rule of law, civil liberties and foreign policy in the War on Terror; it will be held at Pound Hall, classroom 102. Tomorrow (Saturday), I'll be at Harvard Books to discuss the book with Noam Chomsky, and although the event is sold out, it will be televised on C-SPAN (I will post the time when I know it). At 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, I'll be speaking at Occupy Boston.

I hope to resume something resembling normal posting over the weekend or very early next week. Yeterday, I was on Dylan Ratigan's MSNBC show and talked to him about the book and about how it relates to the Occupy protest movement:

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