Occupy Wall Street beats Tea Party on Google

Search interest in the OWS protests peaked earlier this month

By Justin Elliott
Published October 28, 2011 3:13PM (EDT)
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Google's official politics and elections blog crunched some data to compare online interest of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party.

The result? Search interest in Occupy Wall Street is higher than the Tea Party both right now and when compared to the Tea Party's analogous "birth" moment.

But search interest in Occupy is also down a bit from its peak earlier this month:

The OWS movement saw its first spark of interest in search on September 16th. Two weeks later, interest across the United States spiked as Google users turned to the web to find out more about the group, peaking on October 15th. Recently, national search interest has receded, but Americans are still turning to the web to find out more information as the movement spreads out across the country — with the top 3 states being Vermont, Oregon, and New York.

The Google blog has compiled some interesting graphs of search data; take a look.

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