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Book tour coming to an end

Published November 9, 2011 10:55PM (EST)

(updated below [Thurs.] - Update II [Thurs.])

The rigors of the book tour were far more substantial than I anticipated, resulting in far less posting than I intended.  The tour, however, is coming to an end this week, so regular posting will definitely resume shortly.  Until then, a few matters to note:

(1) The Kindle and ebook versions of With Liberty and Justice for Some will finally be available this Friday and can be ordered here. The book made the New York Times Bestseller List in its first week based on a partial week of buying (thank you to everyone who ordered it), but many, many people indicated that they would only buy the book (or any book) in electronic form, so that opportunity has finally arrived.

(2) For those in D.C. or nearby, there is a superb conference on Ending the Global Drug War taking place on November 15, featuring the former President of Brazil and many other past and present high officials arguing against the ongoing war. I will be speaking about the success of drug decriminalization in Portugal. The event, sponsored by the Cato Institute, is open to the public and tickets are still available.

(3) Below are several five-minute YouTube clips of the book talk I gave last week at Claremont McKenna College in California, courtesy of Madhouse Muse. It gives a good sense of what I've been spending my time doing over the last two weeks while outrageously and thoughtlessly neglecting and abandoning my readers doing everything possible to publicize the book's arguments (you can watch a video of the entire talk here, by clicking on the first part; it will then play the entire discussion).


UPDATE:  Madhouse Muse has now added several clips from the Q-and-A session, which was excellent due to the high-quality questions from the audience, comprised mostly of students:

Additionally, the event in San Francisco sponsored by Salon, hosted by its Founder and CEO David Talbot, is now available online; a clip of our discussion of media bias, as reflected by its coverage of the Occupy movement, is below:


UPDATE II: The video of the entire book talk I gave at Claremont, roughly 40 minutes long, can be seen here; simply click on the first video and theentire discussion will be played.

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