C.T. Vivian Returns To Struggle To Help Guide SCLC

Published January 7, 2012 4:45PM (EST)

ATLANTA (AP) — At age 87, civil rights veteran C.T. Vivian could have easily retired from the struggle for justice and equality, but is instead he is the new vice president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

As the venerable civil rights organization emerges from years of turmoil over its management and finances, Vivian's return to the leadership lends SCLC a renewed credibility and a tangible link to what can seem like a bygone period.

The minister, author and activist worked alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the SCLC's co-founder. Vivian says King's message of nonviolent direct action remains relevant and King's fight against war, racism and poverty remains unfinished. He says he is excited to keep working, and is focused on training the younger generation to continue the struggle.

By Salon Staff

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