Santorum says GOP should drop the term "middle class"

It plays into President Obama's class warfare! So why does his Web site tout his plans to rebuild the middle class

Published January 8, 2012 4:17AM (EST)

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum    (John Gress / Reuters)
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum (John Gress / Reuters)

It's hard to pick the craziest moment of Saturday night's lackluster ABC debate, but I'd have to go with Rick Santorum's angry rant about the term "middle class." We shouldn't use it, Santorum said, because "there are no classes in America." Using the term "middle class" means they "buy into the class warfare arguments of Barack Obama...something that should not be part of the Republican lexicon."  (Twitter sage JSmooth995 clarified that in fact "everybody knows the term 'middle class' was invented by Bill Ayers and Obama just takes credit." So that's settled.)

It only took minutes on Twitter for someone to find a page on Santorum's Web site headlined "Santorum hopes to rebuild the middle class." What a farce. This GOP field will say anything it takes to get elected, each and every one of them. Even Ron Paul, the non-panderer, claimed Martin Luther King Jr. as a hero and called him a "libertarian." The man who morally and politically pressured a resistant Democratic federal government to protect the rights and lives of African Americans was a closet libertarian. Who knew?

Score this debate for Mitt Romney. No one got even a little dust on him. The losers? Everyone who watched it.



By Joan Walsh

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