Report: Body Paraded After China Self-immolation

Published January 9, 2012 2:45AM (EST)

BEIJING (AP) — A news report says the body of a Tibetan monk who died after setting himself on fire was paraded through the streets in northwestern China.

U.S. broadcaster Radio Free Asia said Monday that hundreds of Tibetans carried the body of a 42-year-old monk named Sopa through the streets in Dari county in Qinghai province after forcing the police to return it.

It said the monk died Sunday morning after drinking and throwing kerosene over his body.

Radio Free Asia quotes a source as saying Sopa's body exploded in pieces.

At least 15 monks, nuns and former monks are now believed to have set themselves on fire in the past year, mostly in traditionally Tibetan areas of Sichuan that have been hotbeds of opposition to central government control.

By Salon Staff

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