Spanish Judge Who Charged Pinochet Stands Trial

By Salon Staff

Published January 17, 2012 9:54AM (EST)

MADRID (AP) — The Spanish judge who became an international hero by indicting Augusto Pinochet is standing trial over his handling of a domestic corruption probe in a case that could end his career.

Baltasar Garzon is to take the stand as a criminal defendant Tuesday at Spain's Supreme Court. He is charged with overstepping his jurisdiction by ordering wiretaps of jailhouse conversations between three defendants and their lawyers.

The trial launches a grueling judicial ordeal for Garzon, who enjoys superstar status among human rights groups for championing cross-border justice but has many political enemies at home.

Next week he faces another, bigger trial for probing right-wing atrocities during the Spanish civil war. The crimes were covered by an amnesty.

Salon Staff

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