Unions Expect Right-to-work Will Cost Them Members

Published February 11, 2012 7:09PM (EST)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's unions expect a drop in membership after the passage of a right-to-work law last week.

Organizers are meeting with members around the state to press them to continue paying their union dues, even though the law would make such dues voluntary. One leader of an Indianapolis steelworkers local said he fears up to 50 percent of its members could drop out.

Union officials are warning members that the unions might have to sacrifice popular services, such as providing training to workers who want new skills.

However, some union members would like to save the money now deducted for dues. Others who are politically conservative resent the campaign contributions that unions give to Democratic candidates.

Indiana has 179,000 union members in the private sector.

By Salon Staff

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