Can Occupy Wall Street work with the jobless?

The long-term unemployed go to a General Assembly hoping for support for their job demands. They got something else

Published February 28, 2012 3:30PM (EST)

 Unemployed Connie meets the occupiers   (Immy Humes)
Unemployed Connie meets the occupiers (Immy Humes)

In the sixth installment of F**ked, the long-term unemployed meet the occupiers at a General Assembly in New York City, never expecting the generational and culture clash that ensues.

By Immy Humes

Immy Humes, a NYC documentary filmmaker, has produced stories for PBS, NBC News, and Michael Moore. Her short film, "A Little Vicious," was nominated for an Oscar. Her latest feature, "Doc," is a saga of the post-war generation of New York writers and of madness. Her web site is

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