Nobel winner Grass wades into Israel-Iran tensions

Published April 4, 2012 9:09AM (EDT)

BERLIN (AP) — German Nobel literature laureate Guenter Grass is sharply criticizing Israel amid tensions with Iran and what he describes as Western hypocrisy over Israel's suspected nuclear program.

In a prose poem published Wednesday in German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the 84-year-old Grass highlighted Berlin's recent sale to Israel of a submarine able to "send all-destroying warheads where the existence of a single nuclear bomb is unproven."

Dolphin-class submarines can carry nuclear-tipped missiles, but there's no evidence Israel — widely believed to have nuclear weapons — has armed them with such weapons. There has been speculation that Israel could stage military action against Iran to prevent it producing nuclear arms.

Grass asserts that, as a nuclear power, Israel is endangering "the already fragile world peace."

By Salon Staff

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