China add 6 ethnic Uighurs to its terrorist list

Published April 6, 2012 2:54AM (EDT)

BEIJING (AP) — China has added six Uighur men to its national terrorism list, accusing them of being behind terrorist activities in the far west region of Xinjiang.

The names released late Thursday by the Ministry of Public Security identify the men as ethnic Turkic Uighurs (WEE'-gur).

The ministry says the men are key members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and have been recruiting and training members for the terrorist organization and inciting violence.

Xinjiang has been on edge with tension between Uighurs and Han Chinese, which erupts into violence occasionally.

Critics say Chinese ethnic policies are creating anger and resentment among the region's Uighurs. China says it faces an organized terrorist threat from radical Muslim groups.

By Salon Staff

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