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Published April 6, 2012 7:09AM (EDT)

"Governor Romney, who is the front-runner on the Republican side, has embraced. He said the budget was marvelous. And when you go through this budget, the vision that it portrays is of an America where everybody is fending for themselves." — President Barack Obama telling supporters at a fundraiser that a budget plan pushed by House Republicans would hurt early childhood education, veterans and road and bridge projects crucial to the nation's economic recovery.


"Like halftime at a football game, you go into the locker room to gauge what has been working and what hasn't.The Santorum campaign team recognizes that, because of Mitt Romney's money advantage and his support from the Republican establishment and the mainstream media, Rick has, to some extent, lost control of narrative in the campaign." — A statement by ConservativeHQ.com Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, one of the conservative leaders who met with Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum to craft plans to try to stop Mitt Romney's march to the nomination.


"Sometimes you want to stop and smell the roses. It doesn't mean you want to call up every single fact about them on the Internet." — Scott Steinberg, CEO of technology consulting company TechSavvy Global, talking about the information overload that might come if everyone starts wearing devices such as Google's futuristic, Internet-connected glasses.

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