Stifler's mom, Jim's dad hook up in 'Pie' sequel

Published April 6, 2012 3:45PM (EDT)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There's a hint of mature romance — or at least hot sex involving older folks — in the latest sequel to "American Pie."

"American Reunion" brings back the comedy ensemble from the 1999 gross-out hit and includes a comical hookup between Eugene Levy, who plays Jason Biggs' squarer-than-square dad, and Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Seann William Scott's boy-seducing mom.

It all starts as Biggs' Jim, home for a high school reunion, tries to get his widower dad out of the house for a change. Levy ends up at a party at the home of Scott's Stifler, whose mom wound up in the sack with her son's classmate Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) in the original movie.

"Stifler's mom needs to grow and progress and actually hook up with something more promising, and I love that I would hook up with Jim's dad," Coolidge said in an interview alongside Levy.

"I think Finch is a nice kid, but I don't think (Stifler's mom) ever dated a nice man," Coolidge continued. "There's something really great about seducing a young guy that hasn't really had much experience, but to seduce an older guy that hasn't had a lot of experience is a great idea. It's a really fun thing for a woman."

For Jim's dad, who spent much of the first three movies awkwardly trying to help his son through embarrassing sexual issues, his evening with Stifler's mom is like nothing he's ever experienced before in his straight-laced life.

"When the franchise started, he was just a regular guy coming home from work and finds his son humping a pie," Levy said. "And then his life kind of takes on a purpose. He realizes he kind of screwed up somewhere along the line with his kid and didn't explain things properly or whatever, so he tries to help his son out in as helpful a way as he possibly can."

Levy and Coolidge's scene together is a reunion for the two, who have collaborated on the mock documentary comedies "Best in Show," ''A Mighty Wind" and "For Your Consideration." They co-starred in the ensemble spoofs, which Levy also co-wrote.

If the "American Pie" franchise continues with more movies, the two could even end up together, Levy and Coolidge speculated.

"I would think he's not the kind of guy who would probably stay single," Levy said. "If he's not with Stifler's mom, then he's out trying to reform some hooker some place, I don't know. He's had an experience with Stifler's mom that I don't think he's ever quite had in his life, and how that affects him down the line, I don't know, outside of just making him generally happier."

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