Glance: Brand name goes generic

Published April 7, 2012 6:27PM (EDT)

Apple Inc.'s iPad has dominated the tablet category. Now, when many consumers think of tablets, they only think of the iPad. Below is a list of other brand names that have become so popular that they've joined the world of common nouns. Some of the brands became so generic that they lost their trademarks.


Aspirin — Bayer AG lost the trademark in 1921

Heroin — Bayer AG lost the trademark in 1919

Escalator — Otis Elevator Co. lost the trademark in 1950

Thermos — Thermos LLC lost the trademark in 1963

Yo-yo — Duncan lost the trademark in 1965

Zipper— B.F. Goodrich lost the trademark in the 1920s.


Band-Aid — Trademarked by Johnson & Johnson

Kleenex — Trademarked by Kimberly-Clark

Jell-O — Trademarked by Kraft

Xerox — Trademarked by Xerox Corp.

By Salon Staff

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