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Salon Gets a Makeover

Published April 23, 2012 4:00AM (EDT)

Salon has always believed in not just truth, but beauty. Our original design back in 1995 – a clean, art deco look created by Salon’s first art director, Mignon Khargie – immediately set Salon apart. Now Salon is once again separating itself from the cookie-cutter digital clutter that defines too much of the Web with a bold and striking new design.

We asked designer Kelly Frankeny to create a news tabloid as imagined by Coco Chanel. Frankeny -- a globetrotting designer who is often dropping into beleaguered democracies in Africa and Latin America to work her wonders for embattled newspapers – responded to our challenge with a sophisticated and dynamic design. A brilliant and sassy blond Texan, she has created a new Salon as big as her personality. And yes, while invoking the brassy urgency of a news tabloid, the new design also conveys the elegance of the House of Chanel. Both Frankeny and the new Salon know how to use red lipstick and a simple black dress for maximum effect.

To fuel Salon’s explosive growth – Salon’s audience has soared to 7.7 million monthly unique visitors, up 30 percent over 2011 – our redesign provides more intuitive navigation and deeper social integration to optimize the site for Salon’s vibrant community.

We also aimed to pop out our robust sites – Politics, Arts and Life – so they loom as special destinations for our readers. And stay tuned for an entirely new dimension – Salon Studio, which will debut next month. You can check out the Salon Studio coming attractions – including original video series, music shows and art galleries – by clicking on the video trailer on the Salon Studio home page.

We hope you enjoy our new look, and agree that it matches the power of our journalism. We want to hear from you. Please jump into Comments and tell us what you like and what needs more work. Salon, as always, is a work in progress.

David Talbot, CEO
Kerry Lauerman, Editor-in-Chief

By Salon Staff

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