Will Bilderberg endorse Rubio?

Secret world-controlling society yet to weigh in on Mitt Romney running mate pick

Published May 21, 2012 6:37PM (EDT)

Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney     (AP/Jae C. Hong)
Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney (AP/Jae C. Hong)

So when it comes to Mitt Romney's running mate pick, I like Rob Portman's odds, because he is incredibly boring and nothing will go disastrously wrong if Mitt Romney picks him. But on the other hand, there is a case to be made for picking Marco Rubio, and that case can be summed up as "Republicans think all Hispanics will vote for Mitt Romney if he runs with a Cuban-American." It's not just imagined ethnic solidarity that Rubio has in his favor, though: There's also the machinations of the mysterious Bilderberg Group!

Ken Vogel has the scoop in Politico, based on some very intriguing INFOWARS reporting.

Everyone knows that the elite secret society known as the Bilderberg Group is one of the means by which the Lizard People exert their control over the shadow World Government. As hero journalist Alex Jones told independent cable news network Russia Today, the elite will decide at the coming Bilderberg Conference in Virginia whether to support Obama or Romney in 2012.

That, says Jones, is just a sampling of what else he expects to be discussed. Other items, he speculates, involve the upcoming presidential race.

“Should the elite get behind Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?” is a question Jones predicts to be among those discussed. “Both men are bought and paid for by the same financial interests, and so the discussion will be which candidate can basically con the American people to lay down the tyranny for another four years.”

Jones adds that, only four years earlier, Bilderberg was the locale where America’s elite decided to back President Obama as the Democratic nominee.

But deciding the next puppet leader of the one world global fascist government is just one agenda item: They'll also have to decide who will be the puppet leader's puppet running mate. Rubio will not be attending (this year, anyway), but Al Kamen, journalist at the Bilderberg-sponsored Washington Post, reported that Marco Rubio's trip to attend the Summit of the Americas in April was analogous to John Edwards' 2004 lecture at the Bilderberg Conference, which some credited with winning him the second spot on the Democratic ticket that year. Kamen's column was obviously meant to signal that the Bilderbergers are currently leaning toward Rubio.

But what if Rob Portman goes to Bohemian Grove? What then, Fascist World Government?

By Alex Pareene

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