Anti-Medicaid states: Earning $11,000 is too much

The states against the Affordable Care Act have the toughest Medicaid limits

By Carla K. Johnson - Kelli Kennedy
Published August 14, 2012 2:49PM (EDT)

MIAMI (AP) — Sandra Pico is poor, but not poor enough. She makes about $15,000 a year, supporting her Florida family. She thought she'd be getting health insurance after the Supreme Court upheld the health care law. Then she learned her own governor won't agree to expand Medicaid under the law which would have given her coverage.

The states most opposed to the law have the toughest Medicaid limits. Governors in five states say they'll reject the Medicaid expansion underpinning the new health law.

In South Carolina, a yearly income of $16,900 is too much for Medicaid for a family of three. In Florida, $11,000 a year is too much. In Mississippi, $8,200 a year is too much. In Louisiana and Texas, earning more than $5,000 a year makes you ineligible for Medicaid.

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