Meet Allen Quist: Michele Bachmann's deranged mentor

The Minn. Senate candidate hates gay people and thinks women are "genetically predisposed" to be subservient to men

Published August 15, 2012 6:09PM (EDT)

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Allen Quist, a former Minnesota state representative who worked with Michele Bachmann to change Minnesota's school curriculum, defeated his primary opponent in the race for Minnesota's District 1 seat in the House of Representatives. Quist, a retired political science professor, helped Bachmann win election to the state Senate in 2000. He also shares many of Bachmann's positions, according to Mother Jones, which describes him as "a 67-year-old soybean farmer and onetime anti-sodomy crusader who believes that humans and dinosaurs may have coexisted in Southeast Asia as late as the 11th century."

The article, written by reporter Tim Murphy, adds:

During his time as a state representative, Quist slammed a gay counseling clinic at Mankato State University by comparing it to the Ku Klux Klan (both would be breeding grounds for evil—AIDS, in this case) and went undercover at an adult bookstore and a gay bathhouse in an effort to prove to a local newspaper reporter that they had become a "haven for anal intercourse." (A decade later, Bachmann would bring groups of supporters onto the Capitol floor to pray over the desk of a gay colleague.)

By Santiago Wills

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