The Washington Post's "Newt U"

"Newt University" uses an innovative new product from the Washington Post Co.'s educational cash cow

Published August 27, 2012 2:53PM (EDT)

Newt Gingrich   (Reuters/Banjamin Myers)
Newt Gingrich (Reuters/Banjamin Myers)

Call up Sallie Mae and take out some non-dischargable loans, because Newt University is in session! Gingrich, in partnership with the Republican National Committee, is hosting a series of "policy classes" for Republican Convention delegates in Tampa this week. (Today's classes feature guest-lecturer Larry Kudlow, in what I am guessing involves a creative application of NBC News' ethics policies.) Oh, and "Newt U" will also be available online, thanks to "a new learning technology platform pioneered by Kaplan Inc called KAPx."

According to a Kaplan press release, KAPx (which seems to be just Google+ Hangouts meant to be sold to learning institutions at a high markup):

“The KAPx™ platform is designed to help schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to share information and knowledge in an exciting, interactive, and highly participatory manner that is aligned with the best instructional practices,” said Edward Hanapole, Kaplan Inc.’s Chief Information Officer. “We will continue to refine the platform to reflect our leadership in learning science and how to marry technological innovation with educational achievement.”

And of course Kaplan is the money-marking test-prep and for-profit school arm of the Washington Post Co., and its many innovations in the field of extracting money from the education sector are what keep the Washington Post's printing presses running in this unhappy time for newspapers.

And right here on the Washington Post Co.'s KAPx website is a big plug for Newt U and a link to register " for exclusive content access to Newt University courses and discussions." Today's theme is "We Can Do Better" and tomorrow's is "We Built It."

I just registered and it's a live YouTube stream and a comment section. Thanks, Washington Post Co., for yet another exciting innovation!

By Alex Pareene

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