Stop pretending Michelle wants to be a pol

Though she has no interest in running for office, the first lady's very good speech gets pundits excited

Published September 5, 2012 5:25PM (EDT)

Michelle Obama gave a really, really good speech last night, and whenever anyone gives a really good speech at a political convention all the reporters and pundits in America immediately have the same thought: THIS PERSON SHOULD DEFINITELY RUN FOR PRESIDENT. I'm pretty sure Chris Matthews drew a little stick person in a dress with the words "PRESIDENT MICHELLE" on a cocktail napkin as she concluded her remarks. Hundreds of Twitter people thought it was a good idea, and from what I understand hundreds of people on Twitter saying something is how as a nation we have decided to make important decisions from now on.

There is a minor problem that she has never evinced any interest in running for public office, but, on the other hand, really good speech.

Andrew Sullivan didn't quite come out and say it but:

Stunning, brilliant, moving, passionate and right. Flawless. That was a speech a presidential nominee would be proud to have given. The best speech of the conventions so far. There was an emotional arc and steel to this that was as suffused with patriotism as it was with love. Yes, I'm gushing. But gushing is what I feel. And this is live-blogging. So sue me. I've never heard a speech from a First Lady anywhere close to this.

And here's a Politico guy just doing a little harmless speculating:

In the event Barack Obama loses in the fall, there’s an Illinois Senate seat up for election in 2016 — the seat belonging to freshman Republican Mark Kirk.

If the president wins a second term — and assuming Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin wins reelection in 2014 — the next Senate opportunity would be in 2020, when the Durbin seat comes up again and when Durbin would be 75 years old.

How interesting!

Jodi Kantor promises to eat her entire book on the Obamas if Michelle ever runs for anything, but I am reasonably sure that Dick Morris will soon be predicting Michelle Obama vs. Condoleezza Rice in 2016.

Either that or everyone will forget that this was the best speech ever once Bill Clinton is done speaking tonight, at which point there will be speculation about the revocation of the 22nd Amendment.

By Alex Pareene

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