Quote of the day: "Not winning"

Erick Erickson has all but given up on Mitt Romney

Published September 17, 2012 10:51PM (EDT)


Conservative blogger Erick Erickson wrote a column Monday, called "If The Election Were Held Today Barack Obama Would Win." It's pretty self-explanatory:

"Contra Dick Morris, Mitt Romney is not winning this election. At least Mitt Romney is not winning the election right now. Conservatives are obsessing over every poll, the turn out models used, and the media bias that is on ful display. Yes, some of the polling models seem screwy, though we all forget the pollsters apply a secret sauce known only to them on top. Yes, reporters are fully beclowning themselves to get their god-king re-elected. But while we may be focused there, the fact is the Romney campaign isn’t functioning well. Lucky for you and me the election is not today. But something needs to happen in Boston and I am less and less hopeful anything will happen."

In response, Romney campaign adviser Bay Buchanan dismissed Erickson's post, saying on MSNBC that "Erick Erickson has never been with us ... This is Governor Romney's campaign and he is running it and it is his message."

Erickson responded to Buchanan in a tweet:

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By Jillian Rayfield

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