Black women rally against voter ID laws

Black women had the highest turnout of any group in 2008, with 69 percent

Published September 21, 2012 7:30AM (EDT)

WASHINGTON (AP) — A cadre of black women is using new state voting ID laws as a rallying cry to motivate voters in 2012.

Black female activists say it is a proper role for them because black women had the highest turnout of any group of voters in the 2008 elections. About 69 percent of black women who were eligible to vote in 2008 went to the polls. The Pew Hispanic Center says that was an increase of 5.1 percentage points over the 2004 election.

The power of black women voters is a theme in this week's Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's conference. It culminates Saturday with a keynote speech by first lady Michelle Obama.

Foundation President Elise Scott says black women must lead because, in her words, "there is too much at stake."

By Suzanne Gamboa

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