Fox News airs suicide live

A car chase ends tragically with the cameras still rolling

Published September 28, 2012 7:58PM (EDT)

 Car chase suspect moments before suicide (YouTube screen grab)
Car chase suspect moments before suicide (YouTube screen grab)

Having followed a long car chase in Arizona, Fox News accidentally aired live footage of the suspect shooting himself in the head.

Fox News host Shep Smith shouted out "Get off it!" as the morbid footage continued to stream before the network cut to a commercial break. "We really messed up," a distraught Smith told viewers.

The suspect was reportedly driving a stolen car, having fired shots at police officers before the pursuit began. Following the chase, he got out of the Dodge Caliber and ran into a dusty field looking around desperately and then reached for his gun.

Twitter users were swift to register their shock, with many asserting that they hope the incident puts an end to live car chase coverage:

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Readers wanting to watch the footage can find it here (via BuzzFeed) but we warn that the content is disturbing.


By Natasha Lennard

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