Salon limerick contest

A poetic reading of the GOP platform, and other rhymes

By Alex Halperin

Published October 3, 2012 11:11AM (EDT)

Among this week’s dose of silly verse, one sharp-eyed poet found a misattribution in the Republican Party's platform. Let’s get to it.

The Republican platform, I read,

With a deepening feeling of dread:

Right in the Preamble,

A misquote, unbearable!

Consent of governed's in Constitution instead?

Kathleen Rybarczyk,


(It’s the Declaration of Independence that refers to “consent of the governed.”)


Right-wingers seem more than unbright,

Since when Ryan says Romney will fight

To end medicare,

Women's rights, and clean air,

They hear, "Vote for us since we're both white."

Mike Moulton

Gainesville, Fla.


Help for Mitt has been offered by -- Newt!

To make debates wily and cute,

He tweets him to speak,

With brashness and cheek --

And Obama will have him en croute!

Shirley Stuart

Berkeley, Calif.


"Obama's not leading!" they stewed.

"The political polls are all skewed!"

In the Fox & Friends bubble,

The numbers mean trouble:

If accurate, Romney is screwed.

Chris Doyle

Ponder, Texas


Twixt a pitcher of ice and a vase,

And $50K plates of fois gras,

A camera recorded,

Mitt's views that were sordid,

Inept, filled with fibs and faux pas.

Jean Pouliot

Newburyport, Mass.


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Alex Halperin

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