Romney snubs Nickelodeon

The network says Mitt Romney declined to take questions from kids

By Jillian Rayfield

Published October 9, 2012 1:16PM (EDT)

First Big Bird, now Linda Ellerbee.

Mitt Romney declined several times to take questions from kids in a Nickelodeon special called "Kids Pick the President: The Candidates," according to the network.

President Obama, who participated in the special, took questions about gun control, immigration, bullying and more.

CNN reports:

In a release, the network says Mitt Romney declined to participate after numerous attempts. The program will include file sound bites of Romney addressing the subjects.

"It's no surprise Romney decided to play hookey," said Obama's campaign deputy press secretary, Adam Fetcher. "Kids demand details, and I'm sure they want some answers on why Romney could increase their class sizes, eliminate their teacher's jobs, raise taxes on their families and slash funding for Big Bird. Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, 'The dog ate my homework' just doesn't cut it when you're running for President."


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