House and Senate races get nasty

Things are getting personal in the state-level campaigns

By Jillian Rayfield

Published October 10, 2012 1:12PM (EDT)

In states like Massachusetts, Nevada and Montana, the races for House and Senate seats are getting more and more heated.

From the AP:

"In Massachusetts, GOP Sen. Scott Brown witheringly mocks Democrat Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage. In Montana, Democratic Sen. Jon Tester pummels Rep. Denny Rehberg for suing a local fire department. Nevada's Sen. Dean Heller calls his opponent, Democratic Rep. Shelly Berkley, the most corrupt' person he's ever met."

Tester , for instance, told Rehberg that firefighters "put their butt on the line. You don't turn around and respond by filing a lawsuit with monetary damages." Rehberg fired back: "No one has brought up the fire lawsuit, except for you. You know what (voters) talk about? The irresponsible decisions of supporting President Obama 95 percent of the time."

In Connecticut, wrestling CEO Linda McMahon recently cut an ad calling Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy a liar: "Murphy didn't tell us the truth about when he was sued in court for not paying his rent, sued for not paying his mortgage, or missing 80 percent of his committee hearings," the ad says. "So do you think Murphy is telling the truth now?"

Jillian Rayfield

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