Donald Trump's surprise: Salon readers' theories

Our favorite guesses as to what Donald Trump's "very very big" announcement will be

By Prachi Gupta

Published October 23, 2012 10:06PM (EDT)

On Monday's "Fox & Friends," P.R. intern Donald Trump mentioned that he had a "very very big" announcement about President Barack Obama -- one that he believes could change the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.  Of course, Trump is milking the attention for all it's worth:

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The last time he hyped a big unveil it was a video for the RNC that never aired. (The event was rained out, but Salon's Alex Pareene also beat the Donald to the punch):

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Naturally Salon is eagerly anticipating Trump's "large, bordering on gigantic" announcement about President Obama and readers have joined in on the fun. We asked you to tweet theories to #TrumpSurprise -- here are some of the best:

 Obama sold cocaine in college

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There's still something to that birther theory, after all

[embedtweet id="260629477934125056"]

[embedtweet id="260467225763409921"]

Trump will release Obama's college transcripts

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[embedtweet id="260756538791194624"]

[embedtweet id="260848402877788160"]

That Obama has marital problems

[embedtweet id="260584275206864897"]

It's just a P.R. stunt

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Maybe it's something mundane

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[embedtweet id="260755421550239744"]

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Or maybe it's not

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[embedtweet id="260609386827874305"]

[embedtweet id="260814023052910592"]

Tune in tomorrow for the big unveil.

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