Who's the favorite in 2016?

Irish betting site Paddy Power is giving odds

By Alex Halperin

Published November 4, 2012 5:03PM (EST)

Forget 2012, the action has already moved on to 2016.

Recent polling numbers haven’t been kind to Mitt Romney, or to anyone who wants to Republicans regain the Senate. For a bit of uplift, the famously data minded former governor might peruse GOP leaning unSkewedPolls which has him leading in nine of 11 swing states. If he wants more reliable data, however, he might look across the ocean to Irish betting firm Paddy Power which has him as the odds on favorite for the 2016 race.

Sadly for Romney, if he loses on Tuesday his odds at Paddy Power will likely plunge. But this list should also comfort horserace minded pundits who'll be casting around for something to discuss on Wednesday.

Here are Paddy Power's odds for 2016:

Mitt Romney 9/2
Paul Ryan 7/1
Hilary Clinton 8/1
Marco Rubio 14/1
Jeb Bush 20/1
Andrew Cuomo 25/1
Bobby Jindal 25/1
Rob Portman 25/1
Joe Biden 25/1
Condoleeza Rice 33/1
Chris Christie 33/1
Martin O’Malley 33/1
Rahm Emmanuel 50/1
Eric Cantor 50/1
Rick Santorum 66/1
Mike Huckabee 66/1
Sarah Palin 66/1
Donald Trump 100/1

Alex Halperin

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