HBO announces new Louis C.K. stand-up special

"Louie" fans won't need to wait for the new season to see the comedian on TV, after all

By Prachi Gupta
November 13, 2012 3:00AM (UTC)
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Although comedian Louis C.K. declared a hiatus from his Emmy-award winning show "Louie", fans won't have to miss him for long: Today, HBO announced the broadcast of a new Louis C.K. stand-up special. Unlike typical HBO specials, C.K.'s will be available for sale on his site after HBO's special airs:

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Of the announcement, the New York Times writes:

The announcement represents a bit of a homecoming for Louis C. K., who previously wrote for “The Chris Rock Show” on HBO and starred in his own comedy series, “Lucky Louie,” for a single season on that network. After it canceled “Lucky Louie,” HBO gave Louis C. K. a development deal to produce a set of short films. Although those never led to a series on HBO, they eventually became the basis of his widely praised FX show.

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