Weird news: Zero voter turnout for one Minneapolis precinct

No one from Minneapolis' Precinct 3B voted on Election Day because it is located in the middle of a lake

By Associated Press
Published November 13, 2012 10:59PM (EST)
 Lake Calhoun   (3841128876)
Lake Calhoun (3841128876)

MINNEAPOLIS — Not one voter cast a ballot in one Minneapolis precinct on Election Day. That's because the only living species in Ward 10, Precinct 3B, is of the aquatic variety.

A newly redistricted precinct map shows 3B is located entirely in the eastern half of Lake Calhoun - the biggest lake in Minneapolis. City Clerk Casey Carl says the watery precinct is the "unintentional result of a programming error" made in drawing new ward boundary lines.

Charter Commission chairman Barry Clegg tells the Star Tribune that the mapping software couldn't draw a line around the edge of the lake without putting a census block in the wrong ward. Clegg says it was supposed to be cleaned up for the final map, but never was.


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