Hunter Moore's new "revenge porn" site is scarier than his last one

After he closed down Is Anyone Up, the provocateur is back with a porn site that enables anyone to "stalk people"

Published November 29, 2012 4:05PM (EST)


Yesterday news broke that porn prince Hunter Moore has unofficially launched his new "revenge porn" site, From a notice on the site, it seemed that Moore's Porn 2.0 venture might differ from his original, Is Anyone Up, which hosted nude shots of people submitted by anonymous users. But in a follow-up interview last night with Betabeat's Jessica Roy, the deeply reviled porn pusher said that his new site will feature the same content as the old one, minus the "legally questionable" content that put him in a lot of hot water the first time around. “I have nerds for days,” said Moore. "I have nerds on nerds. I have so many secret servers. I got shit in Switzerland, Australia, Canada. All that stuff’s accessible it’s just on a different domain."

Scarier yet, though, is what Moore plans to add to all of the nude pics: home addresses. “All these people that thought they were safe: nah, it’s all gonna be back,” he said. "We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people." Moore insists that he is within his legal rights because he's posting user submitted content.

In any case, let's all hope that the FBI is still sniffing around.


By Prachi Gupta

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