Meet this season's 10 TV scene-stealers and scene-killers

They can steal the spotlight, or leave the lead to do the heavy lifting. Meet TV's best and worst supporting actors

Published December 2, 2012 8:30PM (EST)

Every TV show has a lead actor or actress — but then there's everyone else. Supporting characters may not sell the show, but they're integral to what makes a series good or bad, funny — or so, so not funny. Herewith, a slideshow of the five best and five worst supporting actors on relatively new TV shows (or, as in the case of Bobby Cannavale, in new parts on longer-running TV shows) from Danny Castellano to Sgt. Brody's son. (And yes, basically every one on "2 Broke Girls" could have made this list, but that seemed too easy.)

By Willa Paskin

Willa Paskin is Salon's staff TV writer.

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