Stephen Colbert gives super PAC funds to charity

Campaign finance reform groups and Hurricane Sandy rescue efforts will benefit

By David Daley
December 14, 2012 8:38PM (UTC)
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(Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert will give the remaining hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by his super PAC to charity.

During Thursday's "Colbert Report," the comedian, who will not be the next senator from South Carolina, said that Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, a charity for injured veterans and two organizations working on campaign finance reform would benefit from the nearly $775,000 remaining in the political action fund.


The money will go to:

* $125,000 split among Donors Choose, Habitat for Humanity and Team Rubicon, for Sandy aid

* $125,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund which helps veterans.

* The rest will be divided among the Center for Responsive Politics and the Campaign Legal Center.


There were, of course, strings attached. The Center for Responsive Politics, for example, was asked to name their conference room after the super PAC. Colbert requested that the room be called the Colbert Super PAC Memorial Conference Room.

Colbert announced last month that he would close the super PAC, which he created last year to illustrate the lack of control over outside spending in American politics.

David Daley

David Daley is the author of "Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy" and a senior fellow at FairVote.

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