David Daley

David Daley is the author of "Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy" and a senior fellow at FairVote.

Bernie Sanders
Democrats could face a disaster at a brokered convention. Here's how the DNC can avoid it David Daley
Bernie Sanders; Elizabeth Warren
The Warren vs. Sanders feud was practically inevitable in our broken electoral system David Daley
Pete Buttigieg; Tom Steyer; Elizabeth Warren; Bernie Sanders; Joe Biden; Amy Klobuchar
The Democratic debate stage is now all white. It doesn't have to be this way David Daley
United States Capitol; Gerrymandering
The decade Republicans hijacked our democracy, via the gerrymander David Daley
Voting Site; Virginia
Tuesday's big election winner? Election reform — if politicians listen to voters David Daley
Tulsi Gabbard; Hilary Clinton
Tulsi Gabbard "spoiler" concerns are misplaced. There's a better way to protect our elections David Daley
Elizabeth Warren; Joe Biden; Bernie Sanders
Republicans have rigged the maps and manipulated elections — why won't Democrats talk about it? David Daley
Democratic Debate
It’s time to talk about our broken democracy. Will tonight's Democratic debate moderators step up? David Daley
Blue Texas, at last? Maybe — but the real fight isn't for the White House David Daley
Moderators Democrats CNN
CNN's massive debate fail: Why won't they ask about saving democracy? David Daley
Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA); Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
Should Democrats gerrymander? No — it's bad politics, and there's a better way David Daley
Mike Hubbard
How a dark-money scam created Alabama's hard-right legislature — and the abortion ban David Daley
Donald Trump; Joe Biden
Why Biden's big lead recalls Trump 2016 — and why that's a problem for democracy David Daley
Michigan State Capitol
Have court rulings in Michigan and Ohio turned the tide on partisan gerrymandering? David Daley
Wisconsin Gerrymandering
Democrats just blew it in Wisconsin: Elections likely to stay rigged in favor of GOP David Daley