Anthropologie's racist candlestick

Anthropologie is at it again, this time passing off a racially insensitive knickknack as "whimsical"

By Katie McDonough
January 11, 2013 10:34PM (UTC)
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Anthropologie, the lifestyle brand and terrifying altar of whimsical femininity, is currently selling a candlestick that features not one but two racist caricatures. Stacked, totem pole-style, with JFK on a bell and a clown head resting on a snare drum, is a porcelain mammy doll and a Yellow Peril-style figurine. And because being completely clueless isn't cheap, this thing will set you back $398.

The "one of a kind antique" has ignited an Internet firestorm, and angry customers took to Anthropologie's Facebook to let them know that racist bric-a-brac isn't cute. (Oh, and Twitter wasn't any happier.)


Katie McDonough

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