Shots fired at Houston college

BREAKING: Three injured by gunfire at Lone Star College, both suspects now in custody

By Natasha Lennard
January 23, 2013 12:08AM (UTC)
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Updated, 5.0o p.m. EST: ABC's local affiliate reported that now "two people have been taken into custody" and "that the danger has been mitigated and the sitution is under control." One suspect was reportedly injured and "the other was arrested by a Houston Police Department SWAT team in a wooded area."

Updated, 3.05 p.m. EST: As the New York Daily News noted, the Lone Star shooting is the sixth to take place on a college campus this month alone.


Updated, 3.05 p.m. EST: According to reports of the two injured individuals, one is in critical condition. The Houston Chronicle reports, "Officials said two gunmen appeared to have been involved in the shooting. One of them was taken into custody a short time later. The other man is on the run. Law enforcement officials were searching the area near the campus, using tracking dogs."

ABC noted that police were searching for a man described as 6-foot-2 and wearing a Atlanta Falcons cap.

Updated, 2.41 p.m. EST: Via ABC's local affiliate: "Two victims, we're told, have suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but were conscious when they arrived at hospitals. Both have been taken into surgery. Medical crews could be seen tending to at least three victims outside buildings on campus. It's not yet clear how they may have been injured."


Updated, 2.27 p.m. EST: Local news KHOU reports that one person is in custody and that officers are searching for a second suspect at large. Up to three people are believed to have suffered gun shot wounds.

According to breaking news reports, officials at Houston's Lone Star College confirmed that shots were fired on campus, reportedly at a library, Tuesday afternoon.

Via the Houston Chronicle:


The shooting happened sometime shortly past noon at the campus at 2700 W. W. Thorne, near Aldine Westfield according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Initial reports indicate at least three people may have been wounded. No other information about injuries was immediately available.

"We know that shots have been fired and we are in a shelter-in-place situation on the campus," said Vicki Cassidy, manager of media relations for Lone Star College System. "It's a pretty chaotic scene at this point in time."

And via ABC's local Eyewitness News:

Emergency responders are focused in the area around the campus library. Some students can be seen running from the building. A number of officers are turning their attention to the cafeteria. There is no immediate word on the shooter.

Stay tuned for further updates as details emerge.


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