Video: Morsi police strip, beat, drag protester

Footage shown on a liberal Egyptian network appears to show violence no better than under Mubarak

By Natasha Lennard

Published February 1, 2013 10:09PM (EST)

 Screenshot from ONTV (YouTube)
Screenshot from ONTV (YouTube)

A video reportedly aired by Egyptian liberal network ON TV appears to show Egyptian riot police surrounding a middle-aged man, stripping him naked, and then beating and dragging him along the street into their van. Twitter reports claim that the video was captured in Cairo on Friday, but we cannot verify its provenance.

Over the past eight days of civil unrest in Egypt against Mohammed Morsi's new regime, reports of police brutality, including the use of live bullets and vast amounts of tear gas, have amassed. This video, gaining some traction on Twitter, is reminiscent of the violence perpetuated by the deposed Mubarak's police against protesters during the Arab Spring.

Warning the footage is graphic, violent and disturbing:

Natasha Lennard

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