Tensions boil over in Egyptian port city

On Wednesday, Military police were deployed to Port Said, where demonstrators have been camped out for weeks

By Maggie Michael

Published March 6, 2013 12:55PM (EST)

PORT SAID, Egypt (AP) — Clashes between protesters and police have broken out in this restive Egyptian port city despite efforts by the military to separate the two sides.

Military police deployed Wednesday around a government complex where demonstrators have been camped out for weeks. The military removed protester tents to try to prevent renewed violence after three days of clashes that left six people dead, including three policemen.

Protesters angry about what they say is the excessive use of force by police have also torched three government buildings in the recent unrest.

Despite the military's efforts Wednesday, protesters hurled stones at police, prompting the police to respond with tear gas.

The military first deployed to Port Said in January to protect key state institutions after an earlier round of street turmoil rocked the city.

Clashes in Egypt

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