Dennis Rodman is waiting for the new pope in a popemobile and flower coat

The former NBA star hopes to ride in style as he continues on his strange quest for world peace

Published March 13, 2013 4:10PM (EDT)

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Dennis Rodman, the self-appointed harbinger of world peace, is really just the harbinger of Dennis Rodman. TMZ reports that Rodman is currently in Rome awaiting an unlikely audience with the not-yet-elected pope, planning to ride around the holy city in his own popemobile (The AP reports that the vehicle is stuck in northern Italy due to snow). Gawker notes that he's also donning an impressive flower coat:

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Rodman hopes to help Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana become the first black pope. His favorite pope, however, is John Paul, whom he describes to TMZ as "a pimp."

Rodman arrives in Rome weeks after his trip to North Korea, where he became the first American to have an audience with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Of the dictator, whom he sees as an all-around nice guy, Rodman told TMZ that "They say this leader is Hitler or something. I mean, the guy is only 28 years old...and I think whatever happens happens."

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