Meet the man who is always "absolutely right"

MSNBC's impassioned host Martin Bashir delivers questions like soliloquies. And his guests couldn't agree more

Published March 14, 2013 8:12PM (EDT)

Martin Bashir    (AP/Nick Wass)
Martin Bashir (AP/Nick Wass)

Mediaite's Andrew Kirell, a self-described libertarian, has been on the Martin Bashir beat, calling the host's 4 p.m. show on its "lack of liberal introspectiveness." But Kirell discovered, tipped off by the Guardian (and former Salon) columnist Glenn Greenwald, that Bashir has his fans. Not just fans -- guests who affirm everything out of their host's mouth. Mediaite assembled this montage.

By Kera Bolonik

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