"Girls" season three seeks "heavyset alcoholic," "chainsmoking nurse," "Latin maintenance worker type"

As the third season's filming approaches, HBO's New York comedy seeks a racially diverse slate of extras

Published March 19, 2013 2:57PM (EDT)

Lena Dunham         (HBO)
Lena Dunham (HBO)

Central Casting New York has done New York actors a favor and published a list of extras and small parts that aren't yet cast in "Girls'" third season. (The second season ended on Sunday.)

These roles include "caucasian heavy set ages 18-25 patient," "chainsmoking nurse," and "African American patient ages 37-40 well dressed business man with high end suits and/or business casual." Looks like Hannah might be making another trip to the hospital!

The casting breakdown also includes "Latin maintenance worker type" and "Latin social worker type." The series was subject to criticisms, particularly in its first season, that minorities were invisible or relegated to service-worker positions like nannies or, well, maintenance workers; in the second season, Dunham cast the actor Donald Glover, who is black, as a love interest.

Actors who can pull off any of these parts -- or "alcoholic with teased hair," or "Caucasian slovenly, beer gut, balding male" -- should move quickly; Dunham has previously said that season 3 will begin shooting this month.

By Daniel D'Addario

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